"You don´t take a photograph, you make it."—Ansel Adams

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Happy Holidaze

Create Holiday Greetings

Learn how to create holiday greetings with Happy Holidaze

PuzziPix Pro

Getting Started

Learn the basics in this video tutorial using style, size, rotation, send-to-back and move

Impresso Pro

Signature Layer and Layer Presets

In this video tutorial we will show you how to use the new Signature Layer and how to save your signature as a ‘Layer Preset’.

Rip Studio

Create a Halloween Invitation

This creative tutorial shows you how to take clip art and turn it into a handcrafted Halloween Invitation with Curled, Ripped and Layered paper objects.


Charcoal Fill and Detail Layers

Create a velvety black charcoal effect with shades of grey. Use it for warming up the under painting of a composition, or to complete a finished charcoal piece.

Hand Tint Pro

Create a Vintage Photo

This Tutorial will teach you how to create a Vintage Photo in Hand Tint Pro while also teaching you how to use Hand Tint Pro's various features.



Watch this video to learn the basic features of RipPix

Simply HDR

How to use Simply HDR

A short video on Simply HDR for Mac and Windows

NIR Color & Snow Daze


Create a Surreal Snow Scene

Create a Surreal Snow Scene using NIR Color and Snow Daze.

Multiple Apps


Photoshop Plugin Layer Blending

Create a grungy image by blending layers using Photoshop and 3 Jixipix Plugins; Grungetastic, Simply HDR and Rainy Daze.