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Artista Sketch

Wispy Pencil Sketching and Shading Effect

Artista Sketch converts a photo into a drawing with wispy lines and delicate shading. No need to handle a pencil to feel like an artist, the only requirement is art appreciation—we will take care of the rest.
In contrast to most digital art media, Artista Sketch comes very close to hand-drawn artwork seen only before in sketches created by human artists.


Availability: Instant Download

Mac | Win

Artista Sketch Features

Two pencil strokes, one that sketches pencil detail and the other for loose strokes with shaded areas. Fine tune the sketch using controls for outline detail and accuracy, outline strength, shade variation, shadow strength, stroke texture and paper color. Also includes a variety of artistic papers and edges.

User Interface

Pencil Styles

  • Pencil Style 1—applies a more accurate pencil outline for finer details
  • Pencil Style 2—applies looser strokes for a whispy drawing


  • Two pencil styles
  • Control over pencil accuracy, strength, color and shading
  • 24 one-click settings
  • 48 artistic papers
  • 16 shade textures
  • 18 edges
  • Loads of presets to get you started fast

Every JixiPix Product Features

  • Support for high resolution images and output
  • Multiple undo
  • Randomize button
  • Quick previewing
  • Customizable settings
  • Superior customer service
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Customer Testimonials

Artista HD
Professional, yet simple to use. Great selection of automatic variances with a lot of manual fine tune and hi res save. Bravo!
Another Great App!!
PhotoArtista is another great and nice application if you want to make fun pictures you should definitely look at the applications of Jixi Pix, they're all worth the money.
You folks have outdone yourself again. This is outstanding. It is perferct. And it became available on my birthday! I have already removed all other sketch apps from my phone.
Consistently Cool!
Love the Photo Artista apps, and the Sketch one is particularly engaging and creates some pretty incredible. Highly recommend!
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