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Automatically turn photos into Pastel, Pencil, Chalk, Charcoal and Crayon. Editing options allow you to layer, blend and brush for unique and personalized drawings.

Includes both a Standalone Application and a Plugin for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro

Pastello, the companion app to JixiPix’s Impresso Pro, takes you back in time to the 15th century. Away from brushes and large strokes and into the realm of dry media with color that is both brilliant and subtle. The “Dry color method” made famous by Leonardo da Vinci is so powerful in its simplicity and beauty with its black and red chalk and yellow pastel highlights. Later, artists would paint charming portraits in a smooth heavily blended fashion. Move forward a few centuries later and pastel quickly became filled with brilliant color and crisp detail. Fast forward to today and a digital age has made it so you, the artist, can mix and match media that is difficult or impossible in a traditional setting.


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Mac and iPad


Pastello makes it simple and convenient. Simply place an image in the app and watch as it turns into a Pastel, Chalk, Charcoal, Crayon, Colored Pencil and Graphite drawing. Choose to use each one of the medias by themselves, or combining them using layers for an interesting expressive sketch full of colorful personality and passion. The best part is Pastello does all the work for you.

With Pastello, photographers and artists can now go beyond the camera to turn image files into creative works of art that resemble traditional handmade media, all with a professional workflow that is easy and comfortable to operate.

User Interface

Create Expressive Drawings

Watch as we stack Pencil, Conté and Charcoal layers to create a beautiful drawing filled with depth and texture. To complete the artwork, add an Artistic Edge to give the final drawing a soft sketched-in vignette.


A pro workflow automatically turns photos into a Pastel drawing with options to customize. The Pastel can then be changed to Chalk, Charcoal, Colored Pencil, Graphite, Conte or Crayon using the add option on Layers. As you create the drawing, the media starts out with delicate shading like a traditiona drawing does. Build up the shading and color by stacking multiple layers on top—the more you use the more they fill in. Each of the art styles are beautiful when used alone, or mix them together for an expressive artwork.

Pastello includes plenty of traditional sketch styles as well as a BONUS one we call DaVinci. This art style combines pencil, charcoal, crayon and old paper in the form of a preset with all the freedom to customize, blend and fine-tune for an artwork filled with age, depth and timeless beauty.

What's New—Pastello Update

New Conform Strokes Slider Adds Detail to Drawings

Pastello does a great job with detail but sometimes a little more is desired. This new but subtle technology conforms strokes to detail for overall clarity throughout the drawing. Our goal is to keep it simple! So give it a try and watch as detail in faces and other foreground objects become a little clearer and more defined.

This short video will show you how it works.

Dry Media Styles

Pastel (Soft) A soft, buttery media with intense color. This effect is dense and filled with paper grain. Artists find this portable media especially good for plein air landscapes.

Chalk (Hard Pastel) A light dusty effect with little specks of preserved paper. This chalky pastel is known for it’s soft strokes and velvety texture.

Charcoal A velvety black charcoal effect with shades of grey. Use it for warming up the under painting of a composition, or to complete a finished charcoal piece.

Colored Pencil A pencil media used to create colorful strokes and cross hatching. Build up the sketch with multiple Colored Pencil layers then add a burnished finish with a white Pencil layer above.

Pencil A graphite pencil media used to create fluid outlines and soft tonal shading for a drawing filled with warmth and charm.

Conte A beautiful crayon-like media used to hatch or scumble in highlights, midtones and shadows. Conte comes in five classic colors: Bistre, Sanguine, White, Grey and Gold.

Crayon A colorful waxy based media. This beautiful media is great by itself or add use with Conte to boost highlights and shading.

Fill Brush Use this layer to brush in areas of the drawing with chalk, charcoal, colored pencil or pencil; or fill the entire paper to create a darker base for the Pencil, Chalk and Charcoal layers.

Signature Layer Use this to personalize your drawing. Sign completed artwork using a type face from fonts stored on your computer, or hand paint one in. Both signatures can be fine-tuned using a stroke size and stroke volume control.

Da Vinci This timeless effect mixes five fully customizable medias then applies it to aged paper for an old world appearance.

Paper This traditional-style art paper reacts to dry media just like it does in real life. The more you color in the drawing (add layers) the more it fills in to the paper texture.

Artistic Edges Use edges to create a natural vignette around your finished drawing. Once placed resize and edit it to match the media style.

Pastel Styles

Colored Pencil, Graphite, Charcoal, and Chalk come with a fill and detail option that can be layered for infinite variation. Conte has a dynamic sketch feature that lets you fill in shadows, mid-tones and highlights with crosshatching or scumbling. All with the ability to change stroke direction, size, volume and variation.

  • Pastel—(Soft) is a soft, buttery consistency and intense color. This effect is dense and filled with the grain of the paper. Artists find this media especially good for plein air landscapes because the color ranges are vibrant and the media itself is dustless and portable.
  • Chalk—(Hard Pastel) is a light dusty effect with little specks of preserved paper. This chalky pastel is known for it’s soft strokes and velvety texture. This style is great for creating a fine web of color by stacking or duplicating layers, letting the ones below show through to create a drawing sparkling with interest.
  • Charcoal—creates a velvety black charcoal effect with shades of grey. Use it for warming up the under painting of a composition, or to complete a finished charcoal piece.
  • Colored Pencil—creates soft colorful strokes in the drawing that can be layered to build up color then burnished with a light Pencil Layer, or the Smudge tool.
  • Pencil—creates pencil drawings with fluid outlines and soft, limpid tonal shadings for a drawing filled with warmth and charm.
  • Conté—is a beautiful crayon media for enhancing highlights, midtones and shadows in drawings using five classic colors: Bistre, Sanguine, White, Grey, Gold and a color picker to choose your own—with options for crosshatching and scumbling.
  • Crayon—creates a colorful waxy base to a drawing, then burnish it with a Conte White for highlights or Bistre for shading.
  • Fill Brush— Choose to brush in areas of the drawing with chalk, charcoal, colored pencil or pencil on the layer or fill the entire layer as a base for Pencil, Chalk and Charcoal.
  • Signature Layer—Add a personalized touch to any drawing in the form of two styles: One that uses a type face from fonts installed on your computer, and the other you paint by hand. Both signatures can be fine-tuned using the stroke size and stroke volume sliders.


  • Pastel, Chalk, Charcoal, Conte, Colored Pencil, Pencil and Crayon style effects true to real media. Each one has control over stroke size, stroke volume, color and other refinements.
  • Da Vinci style effect mixes 5 fully customizable medias onto aged paper for an old world appearance.
  • Stroke technology inspired by real-world Pastellists
  • Smart Layers for blending pastel styles with options to reorder, duplicate and delete. This powerful feature is great for mixing media.
  • Fill Layer for hand brushing color and texture
  • Paper Layer that reacts to dry media like real paper would. The more you layer the media the more it fills into the paper’s texture.
  • Smart Brushes for touching up brush strokes
  • Smudge Brush for smearing media for a softer appearance
  • Brush Masking to invert, clear or fill in brushed areas
  • Presets for a quick start
  • Customizable Presets to develop your own unique and personal style, or to save your projects with all strokes and layers intact for future editing.
  • User Preset category to store your personalized style in
  • Favorite preset feature sends presets to the front when marked
  • 5 Paper Textures
  • 41 Artistic and Aged Papers
  • 70 Artistic Finishes for adding light and color to drawings
  • Smart links to globally unify color and finishes across all layers
  • 24 Artistic Edges for creating sketchy vignettes around artwork. Each one has options for edge stroke size and blend.
  • Plugin for Photoshop CS3+, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro for Mac & Windows

Photoshop Plugin

  • Includes a plugin which allows quick access to Pastello from inside Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro. Supports actions, transparency, blending, last filter command, batch processing and 16bit RGB/Greyscale modes.

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Mac OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit
Windows 11/10/8
Mac App Store version does not include plugin


Adobe Photoshop CS3+, All Photoshop CC (Mac/Win), Photoshop Elements 10+ (Mac/Win), Lightroom 4+ (Mac/Win), Serif Affinity Photo (Mac/Win)
Corel PaintShop Pro X7+ (Win)

Customer Testimonials

I have used JixiPix apps for a long time and am glad they are making “Pro” apps for the iPad. I have an iPad Pro that I use for almost all of my artistic compositions. You can customize your images easily with Pastello. Blending modes would be a great addition. I hope this is only the beginning of JixiPix’s Pro apps for the iPad.pintofguinness
These folks make extraordinary apps that I turn to every day. The ability to create different layers with different media makes this app flexible, nuanced, and expressive. I hope future updates will bring in blending modes and the ability to import camera roll images in the paper position/layer; the provided paper styles are great, but this simple addition would expand the potential of the app.craiggp
Rendering Personal Art
I take photos of my own acrylic paintings and have them electronically rendered. I have purchased at least five other apps that render photos. So far this one is my favorite, because I like the variety of different styles that take on a magical look.Reader2Book
Incredible effects and very realistic artistic looks. Slow to render, but well worth the wait. One of the best photo-to-art apps I've used and am more than pleased with this purchase. McAppAddict