Affiliate Program Info Page

Affiliate Program Info Page

Sign up as an affiliate to start making money by referring customers to
Receive 15% commission on all sales generated by links to our website.

Sign up as an Affiliate

You can sign up for our Affiliate Program on this page:

Fill out the form on the first page and click Continue then on the second page fill in the Promotional Methods, which is how you plan on promoting Jixipix, and then click Continue. Finish the form and you will be emailed a confirmation email. We will then review your application, you can check the status of your application here:

How to use the Dashboard

You can log into the dashboard on this page:
To log in you will need the login and password you created when you signed up

The Dashboard is split into 5 sections, here is a description of each section


The Snapshot section shows you the clicks, actions and sales you have made so far. Click the arrow in the top right corner to change the date

Tracking Link Generator

You can track a user's actions and sales by adding the link created by the Tracking Link Generator to your website or you can add one of the graphics from the Ads section. When the user clicks the Tracking Link or Ad graphic the web browser will keep track of any purchases the user makes on

Click Copy Link to copy the link to your clipboard and then paste it on your website. You can change the webpage the Tracking Link goes to by editing the link next to Landing Page. (Once you edit the Landing Page link the Tracking Link will change and you can add it to your website)


The Ads section includes graphics you can add to your website which when clicked will keep track of any purchases made by the user on To add a graphic to your website click Get code to the right of the chosen graphic then copy the text in the box to an HTML section on your website

To Do

The To Do section shows you what you have left to do before your profile is complete and gives you options to complete it

Insertion Order Terms

This section shows you the Insterion Orders you have accepted along with the percentage per sale and referral period