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Kyoobik Photo

Turn a mundane photo into 3d popping geometric tiles

The exploration into photo editing has led you to Kyoobik Photo (pronounced cubic), the photo app that turns your mundane photo into a geometric gridded tiled image. Gridded image? Sounds straight to the point, but the amazing turns and slides you can take with this app will not only turn your photo into a custom work of art but will also can take you back to the 1960's with its pop-art attitude style.


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Demo: Mac | Windows

Kyoobik Photo—3d Geometric Tiled Photo Effect

This app you goes way beyond the columns and rows of a grid. The effect will immediately grid your image with a simple click. However, you can opt to take it to the next level and break out of four walls! Choose a framework for your image with spheres, triangles, or even hexagons. Everything can be controlled from here on out with a simple sliders.

User Interface

Kyoobik Features

A quick and fast way to create a tiled work of art with control over shape style and size. Easily adjust spacing between the tiled shapes with a handy slider with options to stroke each shape with a colored border. For added variation change the hue for a monochromatic style or choose earth tones for a retro look—the tone and color of your photo is up to you. Finish off the Kyoobik creation with drop shadows for 3d popping dimension.


  • Kyoobik Photo—lets you choose one shape like a square, rectangle, triangle or octagon then tiles your image into rows and columns keeping them evenly distributed with options for image toning and drop shadows
  • Oobik Shapes—this cool effect lets you choose from a list of shapes like flowers, circles or gears then divides your image into an abundance of size variations both large and small with options to add a kaleidoscope of color for wow factor
  • Kyoobik Plane—divides the image into even three-dimensional domino-like shapes then perspectively levels the pieces into a horizontal plane
  • Kyoobert 3D—divides the photo into 3D geometric shapes then evenly distributes them for a photo popping with dimensional pattern
  • Ooberlapping Shapes—lets you choose from three two-dimensional shaded shapes then evenly divides them into an overlapping pattern


  • 5 Different geometric styles
  • Tile toning using one color or a kaleidoscope of colors
  • Gutter spacing and shape resizing using simple controls
  • Tools to remove tiles or add them back in for an artistic touch
  • Image shifting inside the shape for an inconsistent alignment
  • Drop shadows with adjustable strength and height
  • 30 backgrounds for displaying shapes against with options for transparency. For transparent background save the file as .png or .tif
  • 66 One-touch settings

Every JixiPix Product Features

  • Support for high resolution images and output
  • Multiple undo
  • Randomize button
  • Quick previewing
  • Customizable settings
  • Superior customer service
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Customer Testimonials

Fun and Fantastic
Wow is back. I purchased this at 7am this morning when I recieved an email from the maker of the app. I have other apps by JixiPix and registered to get info. By 7:15am I was totally loving the program and results. There are endless ways to alter images and I was thrilled to run some of the art I make using different apps on this new one. I saw it was also available for my Mac so i cranked it up and purchased it. An hour and a half later i was making killer art on both my iPad and Mac at the same time. I can't wait to make some prints! I already emailed results to friends. I love this app. It is fun and fantastic and works like a charm. Wait until you see what it can do to your photos and art!
jixipix simply doesnt do so-so apps. all their stuff is quality. if you like jazzing up your shots with amazing effects, you will love this app. i own hundreds of photo apps. been doing IOS photos since the first iphone. i sell my work. so trust me, this is a great effect app.
Love it!
Just got this and I've spent a couple of hours lost in this app already! If you love editing pics, don't hesitate, buy Kyoobik now!
JixiPix Wins Again!!
Kyoobik Photo is a unique and super customizable photo 'transforming' app. The UI is unclutterd and very easy to understand, photos are rendered with new effecs/presets FAST, and the Randomizer button produces some super-cool new presets that I've saved and love. :D Geometry has never been so fun! Thank you, JixipPix!
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