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Dramatic Black & White

Make beautiful black and white photography with extraordinary light, contrast and form

JixiPix's Supercharged Retro Sophisticated Simple uber Cool Dramatic Black & White was too long a name for the software stores, so we were forced to edit it down.


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Everyone knows it doesn't get better than classic Black & White—it is the artistic soul of photography. Referencing one of our favorite Ansel Adams quotes: "Great Black & White photos aren't taken—they're made". Using Dramatic Black & White, you can make your own black and white photographs, ones where light and contrast, grit and form come together to tell a story; where stone and sky, water and light transcend the material world and ascend to the Photographers' Gallery.

With Dramatic Black & White there are no mistakes you can't fix, no limits to your vision, no stopping until you're finished, nothing to hold you back from truly making your photos—"Oh.My.Gosh". good!

User Interface


Three incredible styles for classic, modern or high definition black and whites and the one-of-a-kind ellipse spotlight tool allows you to set up multiple light sources on each subject in your composition. Customizable controls are included for expert adjustments on the filter, grain, vignette, spot light size and spotlight intensity.

Black & White Styles

  • Black & White—creates a classic photo with filters for RGB refinements
  • Infrared—creates a modern photo filled with extrodinary lighting
  • Dramatic Black & White—creates a high defintion photo for drama

Dramatic Includes

  • Three award winning black & white photography styles
  • One-of-a-kind spotlight supports multiple light sources
  • Control over the red, green and blue filters
  • Black and white strength slider for a touch of original color
  • Photo toning effect
  • Soften, sharpen and contrast options
  • 7 film grains
  • 60 One touch settings

Every JixiPix Product Features

  • Support for high-resolution images and output
  • Multiple undo
  • Randomize button
  • Quick previewing
  • Customizable settings
  • Superior customer service
    Contact us any time we are committed to your long term satisfaction!

Customer Testimonials

As a dyed-in-the-wool B&W photography lover, this app. is one of THE most awesome gifts to those of us who love the "unusual". I've been an admirer of Ansel Adams for many years and own a few of his originals, and have to think even he would be impressed with the abilities of this app. Even the novice photographer can take photos and turn them into breath-taking works of art. My greatest compliments to the designer of this easy to use app. That should earn many awards for "App. Of the Year." Kudos!! Going to pass this on to all my iPhone owning, photography loving friends. It's worth 10x the price!!
The photos that can be produced from this app are nothing short of dazzling. I've always love black & white (much more that color photos) but no app tailored it's craft to it, until now. I almost always use this app after taking a photo and it's officially the best dolar i've ever spent.
The Most Best and Fantastic BW App for iPad
I was looking for such BW app on app store that utilizing lighting. hence i can make the light direction. i found Moir and Drmatic BW when I compared one-by-one, Drmatic BW wins the competition because it has multiple spotlight and more control to Noir. So i am happy with my choice here. Well done
Simply Awesome!
Love this!! Another great app from one of the best devs on the app store!!
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