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Software for Professionals

Rip Studio

Standalone Collaging Product with Rip, Curl & Tape Photo Effects. Also includes plugin for Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro

2 years in development, 3 years prototyping, and thousands of hours in the art department, Rip Studio redefines everything you know about a collaging app. It offers super realistic ripped and cut borders, tape, creased and folded images, and curled edges with full 3D shadowing. All with an incredible interface that seamlessly handles layers while maintaining an easy-to-use workflow.

Rip Studio gives you control over every element created inside the app. Rip, tear, or cut edges by drawing around the image. Curl up the edges and wrinkle the surface by simply adjusting a slider. Behind the scene a powerful 3D light engine works to make surface wrinkles and creases look realistic; this adjustable light source will have shadows popping off the page. Finish your creative composition with a tape effect, or choose from a library of objects like stickpins, staples, rusty nails and gems. Every rip you make or tape you place is unique and one-of-a-kind!


Availability: Instant Download

Demo: Mac | Windows


Created for professionals who want eye-catching elements for their designs and compositions. Quickly rip out shapes and letters by drawing around on your image. Create paper objects for Ads, Music covers, Art Collages and Scrapbook pages with one-of-a-kind cutout, ripped out, taped and pinned shapes made from images or other clipart. With Rip Studio you can throw out those boring overused templates and create a custom piece with complete control over shape, width, fiber, texture and curl.

Built with PRO features Rip Studio easily creates a single incredible piece or a whole collage right inside the app! Built with a powerful workflow, you can add images quickly simply selecting them from your library and dropping them—all at once—on the open application. As each image is placed a layer is created for easy compositing, editing and transformation. To finish your composition, choose from a library of gems, stickpins and staples; or add transparent tape, duct tape and masking tape for added interest.

With a focus on ease-of-use, ripped pieces can be created by freely drawing on the image or background—if too much is ripped out simply reverse the tool and add the area back in. Also, included in the app is an Image Tool to allow photos to be resized or rotated inside the ripped pieces; or you have the option to completely replace the image while retaining the shape. This powerful feature enables professionals to create custom templates for future use and allows projects to be shared with other artists.

Rip Studio—is easy, professional and one-of-a-kind

User Interface

What's New—Rip Studio Update

Drag to Select Multiple Objects

Drag to Select In this update you can now drag to select multiple objects. When you have several objects to move as a group, this new feature makes it easy.

To use, click beyond the common border of all the objects then drag to the opposite corner and release. Once selected, multiple objects can be moved as a group or resize and rotated.

This short video will show you how it works.

Learn the Basics

Watch how Rip Studio gives you complete control over rips, cuts, paper elements, text, tape and lighting. Is the video going to fast? See the real time video tutorials below to learn how easy it is.

Getting Started

Start a New Project by choosing a Background Style and a Project Size. Drag and drop images on the open application. Use the Lasso tool to create a rip by circling around on the image.

Layers and Background Styles

Add a Layer with the + sign on the Layer panel. Paper and Shapes can be used for images, Text brings up the editor, Tape adds a piece of tape, and Object adds staples, pins or other items.

Replace Image

Replace an image using the Background Style. If you drag and drop a new photo on the open app it creates a new layer. To replace an image, drag the photo into the small thumbnail box left of the Image, Color and Paper icons.

Last Update

New—Roll Over Presets
Rip Studio now includes Roll Over Presets to displays templates and collages saved in the preset browser below. When using Mac or Windows this hovering feature makes it fast to view, and choose, preset designs.

New—Paper Flower Tutorial
Learn how to make a 3D paper flower. This fun and creative tutorial shows you the power of Rip Studio and how quickly you can make a flower with leaves and petals that lift off the page.

New—Save a Layer Preset
Save Layer Preset is a great new feature that allows you to make creations and add them to your compositions later. Use it to create an arsenal of cool elements so they are available when you need them.

Photo Effects

  • Rip — creates hand-torn edges around images and text
  • Border — adds an adjustable outline with options for color
  • Cut — creates a scissor style cut around edges
  • Tape — allows adjustable pieces to be placed, moved and resized


  • Rip Effect with control over rip width, roughness and fiber length
  • Rip Tool for adding and removing areas to torn and cut paper. Also works on shapes and tape
  • Rip Styles to change the look of an edge on-the-fly without redrawing the area
  • A cool masking tape, duct tape, cloth tape and transparent Tape Effect. When tape is placed on the edge of the image it auto creases! This can’t be done with clip art.
  • Masking tape, duct tape and transparent tape with adjustable size, color and surface texture
  • Move Image Tool for resizing and moving the image inside a ripped or cut area
  • Text Editor for creating ripped, cut, bordered or regular-style letters and sentences
  • Smart Layers for composing layouts, collages and easy reordering of objects
  • Multiple Selection for moving paper, tape and other objects together
  • 36 shapes will auto-cut images into stars, circles, flowers and more’
  • 102 high resolution papers
  • 18 surface textures
  • 62 objects like staples, gems, stickpins and more—with the ability to add your own! All objects placed will create an impression below
  • Robust 3D lighting casts realistic shadows—supports multiple light sources
  • Crease Effect for adding crinkles and creases by simply drawing across the area
  • Support for fonts installed on your computer system
  • Save Project externally will save projects for future editing and sharing with other artists!
  • Save Preset for saving templates inside the app—great for creating custom templates for future use
  • Save support for PNG and TIF to preserve transparency behind objects
  • Support for high resolution images and output
  • Pro’s who use the Photoshop and Lightroom Plugin can flag images for batch processing—this features allows photos to be placed right where they want them

Photoshop Plugin

  • Includes a plugin which allows quick access to Rip Studio from inside Photoshop, Elements, Lightroom and PaintShop Pro. Supports actions, transparency, blending, last filter command, batch processing and 16bit RGB/Grayscale modes.

Every JixiPix Product Features

  • Support for high resolution images and output
  • Multiple undo
  • Randomize button
  • Quick previewing
  • Customizable settings
  • Superior customer service
    Contact us any time we are committed to your long term satisfaction!


Mac OS X 10.9 or later 64-bit
Windows 11/10/8 32/64-Bit
Mac App Store version does not include plugin


Adobe Photoshop CS3+, All Photoshop CC (Mac/Win), Photoshop Elements 10+ (Mac/Win), Lightroom 4+ (Mac/Win), Serif Affinity Photo (Mac/Win)
Corel PaintShop Pro X7+ (Win)

Customer Testimonials

JixiPix Does It Again!
This is the most fun app JixiPix has created! Great for scrapbooking and for making cards and collages! Endless possibilities for creative photo art. THANK YOU, JixiPix!!!!MacAppAddict
Ive Bought pretty much all yall software and I have to get this off my chest.... YALL ROCKED IT WITH THIS STUFF VERY AWESOME AWESOME WORK!!!!!!Reiss
I don’t know how you guys are so creative. Each and every app just blows me away!

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