Download on Mac

How to download and install on Mac

After you have purchased a Mac App you need to download it. If you have not yet downloaded your product you can Download Products here.

Step 1 - Locating and uncompressing the disk image file

To Start you will need to find your Disk image file that was downloaded off of Usually this will be located in your downloads folder. You can find this folder by opening the application Finder and clicking 'Go' on the top bar and Choosing 'Downloads' from the drop down menu.

Once your in the Downloads folder you will then need to double click the Disk image (.dmg ) file. This will Uncompress the Disk Image and open it.

Step 2 - Moving the app to your Applications folder

A window with the app in it will appear.

Now all you need to do is drag and drop the Jixipix Product to the Applications Folder like so:

If it says an item with that name already exists select Replace. And thats it, now your Jixipix Product will be located in your Applications folder with all your other Applications.

Tip: Add Jixipix Product to your Mac Dock

For easy access you can put your Jixipix products on your Dock by first opening your applications folder, you can do this by opening Finder and choosing Go from the top bar and then choosing Applications.

After you have opened the Applications Folder find the product you want in your Applications Folder and click and drag the icon onto your Dock

And now your Jixipix apps can be easily accesed from your desktop.

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