Register an App on Windows and Mac

After you have Purchased a Windows or Mac product you will have to register it before you will be able to save. If you have not yet downloaded the product you can Download Products here.

Step 1 - Getting Started

To Start you will need to open the Windows/Mac product you wish to register.

Step 2 - Open the Registration Window

To open the Registration Window you will need to click on Help in the top left corner. After you click that you will then need to click Register which will open up the Registration Window.



Step 3 - Enter your Registration Number

You will now need to enter the Registration Number that was emailed to you after purchasing.

You can enter it manually or copy the code by highlighting it in your email and pressing Ctrl+C or Command+C then click the Registration box and press Ctrl+V or Command+V or alternatively you can right click and choose paste.

Then Click Register

and your Done! You should now be able to save your images.

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