Transparent Background

Why is my transparent background not working in the Premium Pack Plugin correctly?

Some of our Apps allow you to set your background as transparent. When using the Premium Pack Plugin in Photoshop sometimes the background won't appear transparent in the Plugins. The most likely cause is that you are using a Background layer. You can check by looking at your layers window in Photoshop.

To convert it to a regular layer you can either double click the layer that will bring up a window or right click the layer and select 'Layer from Background...' which will bring up the same window. ( If your layer is not a Background layer but instead an Index layer skip down to Alternative Answer. )

Alternative Answer

Some file types use an Index layer instead of a Background layer. To convert an Index layer to a normal layer you need to go to the menu in the top left corner and click on Image then Mode. Under Mode you need to change it from Indexed Color to RGB Color.

If a window pops up click OK. That's it transparent backgrounds should now show up correctly.

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