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Is there a way to import a photo and avoid having the effect applied to the imported photo?

Our workflow is a little different than most, we instantly apply the effect to an imported photo. We call this workflow ‘click and get’ and because of this our users find JixiPix products much easier to use. Other apps start off fresh and require you to 'add' things to your photo which require a learning curve. By applying the effect first you can instantly see what your getting, and even randomize the effect to see different settings; or you can play around with the controls to customize and fine-tune the effect to suite your photos light and detail.

We also have an original button to see how the photo looks in it’s original form for a before and after comparison.

NOTE: Every time a control setting is adjusted or randomized it does not create a new effect it just changes the settings on the existing effect.

TIP: Once you fine-tune the effect to your preference you can then apply these settings to a newly imported photo or save the settings for future projects by creating a ‘Preset’. A preset can be made by going to the ‘File’ menu then choosing ‘Save Preset’ or by clicking the ‘+’ sign on the ‘Style Browser’. You know you have saved the preset right if a thumbnail appears inside the style browser.

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