Rip Studio - Holiday Card

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Get creative this year by crafting your own beautiful photo cards. It’s the perfect way to add your own personalized touch to a holiday greeting your friends and family will love!

Rip Studio - Create a Music Cover

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Learn how to create a music cover with Rip Studio

Rip Studio - Create a Music Poster

Learn how to create a music poster with Rip Studio

RipPix Basics

When an image is place two images are auto-created. The Foreground image is the one you rip and the Background one is where the ripped image is placed. Adjust the worn texture effect on these two images by toggling between the under Image Mode. Rip out the subject by circling it with the Lasso Rip tool then resize it for added focus using the Move Image tool. Please note, the background image is always static and cannot be removed.

Hand Tint Pro - Create a Vintage Photo

Read the full tutorial for detailed instructions

Impresso Pro - How to Blend Paint Styles

How to blend multiple styles using Impresso Pro

How to use Simply HDR

A short video on Simply HDR for Mac and Windows

Create a Surreal Snow Scene

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Create a Surreal Snow Scene using NIR Color and Snow Daze.

Portrait Painter Promo

Portrait Painter Promo by MacUpdate.com

Photoshop Plugin Layer Blending

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Create a grungy image by blending layers using Photoshop and three Jixipix Plugins; Grungetastic, Simply HDR and Rainy Daze.

Simply HDR Review

A review of Simply HDR by iosphotoapps.com.

Pop Dot Comics Preview

A preview of some of the different things Pop Dot Comics can do.

Hand Tint - Create Luminescent Pink Trees

Change green leafy trees to dreamy ones tinted with pink.

Hand Tint - Layers and Style

Hand Tint is easy to use but built with a professional work flow that allows changes even after your painting is complete. To show you how easy it is to get a variety of different looks, this video starts with a photo that has already been hand tinted and saved as a project.