Hand Tint Pro - Create a Vintage Photo

Read the full tutorial for detailed instructions

Artista Impresso Pro - How to Blend Paint Styles

How to blend multiple styles using Artista Impresso Pro

How to use Simply HDR

A short video on Simply HDR for Mac and Windows

Create a Surreal Snow Scene

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Create a Surreal Snow Scene using NIR Color and Snow Daze.

Portrait Painter Promo

Portrait Painter Promo by MacUpdate.com

Photoshop Plugin Layer Blending

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Create a grungy image by blending layers using Photoshop and three Jixipix Plugins; Grungetastic, Simply HDR and Rainy Daze.

Simply HDR Review

A review of Simply HDR by iosphotoapps.com.

Pop Dot Comics Preview

A preview of some of the different things Pop Dot Comics can do.

Hand Tint - Create Luminescent Pink Trees

Change green leafy trees to dreamy ones tinted with pink.

Hand Tint - Layers and Style

Hand Tint is easy to use but built with a professional work flow that allows changes even after your painting is complete. To show you how easy it is to get a variety of different looks, this video starts with a photo that has already been hand tinted and saved as a project.