Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find frequently asked questions and the answers. If you are looking for information on individual apps you can find info pages here.

Antivirus Software - False Positives

Our software will sometimes be flagged as a threat by Norton and other antivirus software. As anti-virus software works to protect your computer from unidentified and potentially unwanted applications, it's sometimes necessary to "teach" your anti-virus program that a new software application installed on your system is safe, and should be allowed to communicate across your network.

The easiest way to get around a false positive is to temporarily disable your antivirus software then install the app again. After the app is installed enable your antivirus software and make sure the JixiPix app still functions correctly.

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Some of our Apps allow you to set your background as transparent. When using the Premium Pack Plugin in Photoshop sometimes the background won't appear transparent in the Plugins. The most likely cause is that you are using a Background Layer.

To convert it to a normal layer you can double click the layer which will bring up a window. In the window click Ok and your layer will now be a normal layer and transparent backgrounds will work correctly. (If your layer is not a Background layer but instead an Index layer click here for more info.)

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Getting Started: You can start by downloading your Jixipix Product here

Step 1: You will then need to locate your downloaded Disk Image File which is located in your Downloads Folder. Once you have found it double click to open it.

Step 2: There should now be a Disk Image Icon on your Desktop. Double click the icon to open the file. Now all you need to do is drag the jixipix product icon into the Applications folder icon next to it. And thats it your Jixipix product should now appear in your Applications folder with all your other Applications.

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Step 1: To Start you will need to open the Windows/Mac product you wish to register.

Step 2: Open the Registration Window by clicking on Help in the top left corner. After you click that you will then need to click Register which will open up the Registration Window.

Step 3: Enter your Registration Number that was emailed to you after purchasing.

Step 4: Click Register and your done.

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Our workflow is a little different than most, we instantly apply the effect to an imported photo. We call this workflow ‘click and get’ and because of this our users find JixiPix products much easier to use. Other apps start off fresh and require you to 'add' things to your photo which require a learning curve. By applying the effect first you can instantly see what your getting, and even randomize the effect to see different settings; or you can play around with the controls to customize and fine-tune the effect to suite your photos light and detail.

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