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    Mac Size 118.4MB
    Windows Size 107MB
    iPhone Size 55.6 MB
    iPad Size 63.3 MB

    Mac: OSX 10.6+ 64-Bit
    Windows: XP or later 32/64-bit
    iPhone: iOS 7.0+
    iPad: Requires IOS 5.1 or later

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  • Aquarella Photography

    Mac 1.26 Updated: 10/21/14
    Windows 1.25 Updated: 12/17/13
    iPhone 1.03 Updated: 10/3/13
    iPad 1.02 Updated: 9/26/13

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    A new dimension for Jixipix...

    AThis is a genuinely lovely app that delivers a true watercolor look to your photos. And when I say true, I mean it. As someone traditionally trained in the fine arts, I can tell you, these renderings are beautiful. Bravo, Jixipix! Love your apps. Wish you'd convert some of your older ones to retina display capability. More, more, more!

    Another JixiPix Winner!

    I just got the announcement of this new app and had to download it immediately and try it. As with other apps by JixPix, I wasn't disappointed. The flexibility of adjusting the various attributes of each style is what makes these apps so versatile. My first test of a fall photo came out wonderful. As long as JixPix makes apps, I will buy them.

    Fantastic easy results

    I'm a fan of all apps by Jixipix so I had to try this new app. I really love it. The watercolor effects are many and greatly varied. The results give you finely rendered watercolor images, the best I've seen of any app. I love the choice of papers, and the wash is really nice too. I will update this after I've played with it for a few more days. Great results with little effort says it all so far.


    Another work of art by Jixipix. I love the aquarella effect on my photos, they are pretty neat! To the developers keep up the good work!

    Wow Wee!

    Another great imaging app from those brilliant folks at JixiPix... Worth It's weight in gold.... Try it, you'll dig it..... Have fun!

    Thumbs Up!

    I have all the JixiPix apps, and this is one of the best, especially when used in conjugation with painting apps.


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Watercolor, or Aquarelle is a wonderful transparent and luminous artistic media. Watch as Aquarella transforms your image into one with liquid pools of color blended fluidly on paper to create a watercolor with all the delicate details found in traditional watercolor media.

Look closely as you render your aquamedia to discover light delicate “blooms” of wet color running throughout your creation and brush strokes of overlapping pigment dried dark along the edges. You will be thrilled when you see your newly rendered watercolor - Auquarella is professional artistic app and will deliver a high-end watercolor result true to the original media.
Aquarella Highlights
  • Two professional-quality aquamedia styles: A traditional one applies fluid brush strokes and     colorful washes; and a two toned one washes your image with soft color combinations
  • One-of-a-kind "Randomize Color" button
  • Loads of ‘Styles’ to get you started fast
  • The ability to create and save custom presets styles
  • Thousands of watercolor styles. Simply adjust the settings and combine colors and washes
  • Easy-to-use slider controls to adjust color details, wet edges, paper styles, and water     colors.
  • The ability to use hi-res images for top-quality results
  • Undo / Redo
  • Direct posting to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Tumblr from mobile devices
  • Superior customer support and updates – we're committed to your long-term satisfaction
  •    MAC DEMO | WINDOWS DEMO [ Save is Limited ]

    Aquarella Includes Two Watercolor Styles

    Aqua Color

    Creates a classic watercolor style painting using the original colors in the photo.

    Two Tone

    Creates a Watercolor style painting using two colors chosen by the user replacing the original colors.
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    Interface - iPad, iPhone & iTouch

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    Interface: Mac & Windows

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