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  • CATEGORY Photography

    Mac Size
    20 MB
    Windows Size 8 MB
    iPhone Size 12.2 MB
    iPad Size 16.9 MB

    Mac: OSX 10.6+ 64-Bit
    Windows: XP or later 32/64-bit
    iPhone: iOS 5.1+
    iPad: iOS 5.1+

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  • Romantic | PHOTOGRAPHY

    Mac 2.04 Updated: 10/21/14
    Windows 2.02 Updated: 8/14/13
    iPhone 2.02 Updated: 10/5/13
    iPad 2.01 Updated: 9/23/13

  • Reviews


    This app does as it claims. I am impressed with just how beautiful you can make your pictures. You can control the effect to your liking. I have many, many photo apps, and I was first wondering if it would do something different, and give me a look that was unique to the others. I am so glad that I took the chance and purchased it. My pictures are enhanced greatly when using this program.

    Love this App!!

    This app is AMAZING!! I Love it!! It takes a regular pic and transforms it into a Soft Smooth Romantic breath taking picture!! It helps cover my Flaws by smoothing over the pixels. Highly Recommend!!!!!! This ROCKS!!!! :)

    Great Filters

    Great quality images and filters that are unique from any other app... And I have them all pretty much.

    Uniquely beautiful results

    To say that Romantic Photo renders your images with a truly painterly feel would be an exaggeration. This well implemented app brings a level of artistry to iPhone photography that most other apps only dream of. The bacis premise of this app is to soften both the focus and the color of your photos, while also reducing certain shadow/highlight details, placing the emphasis on "feel". You have a range of presets to choose from which you can then tune to suit your mood. You can even save your favorite moods as your own presets! Theres is also a preview button so you can see the "before" and "after" views before you save to album. Images can be saved at the full resolution your camera allows, which is something other apps neglect to do. Excellent photo manipulation tool overall; highly recommended. I also have this company's other app, Vintage Scene, which I like a lot too. Well done!


    i use this more than any other app on mac, and quite a bit on ipad too. jixi pix is da bomb. a nice touch is that the UI is pretty much the same across all their apps. once you know how to use it on one app, you know how to use it with any jixi pix app. their stuff is so good ive toyed with using only jixi pix and nothing else for my photo needs. and i sell my work sometimes, plus i own literally hundreds of high quality photo apps on all mac platforms. also, i think me n jixi pix should get married ;-)

    Beautiful addition to app library

    I love all my Jixipix apps. Was slow to buy this one. Don't you wait. I am impressed with its charming touch to pics that I thought were already perfect. Thank you, jixipix, for all of your high quality apps!

Romantic Photo
Photography app creates a romantic mood or setting automatically from any picture.

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Romantic Photo gives you 30+ combinations of award-winning photography-style effect filters.

Romantic Photo creates a romantic mood or setting automatically from any picture. Using exquisite lighting and design, your photos will look like they were taken using the highest professional techniques & filters.

Romantic Photo gives you 30+ combinations of award-winning photography-style effect filters. With just one click this time saving app will give the look and feel of a romantic picture, at the same time allowing user’s creative freedom to produce pictures that are truly unique.

Built with power to produce high resolution images this app applies only the most sophisticated photo filters to your images. Romantic Photo quickly and easily creates compelling photos for graphic artists, photographers, & hobbyist who rely on a high quality end result.

  • Loads of Presets to get you started fast
  • Supports Hi-Res Images
  • Create Custom Presets
  • Quick efficeint, and very user friendly
  • Easy-to-use Sliders
  • Undo and Redo
  • Superior Customer Service and updates - Contact us any time
        we're committed to your long-term satisfaction

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