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    Mac: OSX 10.6+ 64-Bit
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    iPhone: iOS 5.1+
    Android: OS 4.0+
    iPad: iOS 5.1+

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  • Photo Artista Oil

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    • Photo Artista Oil  | Graphic Design

      Mac 2.53 Updated: 10/21/14
      Windows 2.52 Updated: 12/16/13
      iPhone 2.05 Updated: 10/5/13
      Android 2.07 Updated: 4/30/14
      iPad 2.04 Updated: 9/22/13

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    Cool End Result!    

    I really liked the effects in this app. It really makes a regular, boring photo look interesting! I recently used it as the cover to a book I wrote. The regular picture looked, well.. regular. Now it looks like somebody did an oil painting for the cover of my book! I was very happy with the results. This company made a few other apps that I purchased, and I like them as well! Again, such a cool way to get a unique, expensive look to your average joe/jane photos for websites, cover art, cards, or whatever you'd need art/photography for! Love it, and recommend it for ease of use and cool end results! - Ravenwolf35

    Best Photo to           Painting App!

    PhotoArtista-Oil is the best photo to painting app that I have seen. It really does a great job of making the painting look like your photo, but also like a real painting. Most photo to painting apps make it look all computerized, however, this app makes it look like your photo started as a painting taken out of a nuseum. -

    Another Great App!

    PhotoArtista is another great and nice application if you want to make fun pictures you should definitely look at the applications of Jixi Pix, they're all worth the money. -


    Love, love the all new ArtistaOil. It has so many new options thans before. This app makes me look sooo good!


    I'm a part time oil painter and this app has given me many great ideas how to depict challenging subjects.


    This is without a doubt the best painting app anywhere. The control is wonderful. The reslults never cease to amaze and astound me. 5 stars isn't enough.....should be about 20 stars. Wow!!!

Artista Oil
Turns a photo “alla prima” into an oil painting masterpiece with no work on your part.

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JixiPix’s world class development team presents an award winning portraiture & fine art app that turns a photo “alla prima” (at once) into an oil painting masterpiece with no work on your part.

Our personal relationship with artists and our deep love for art inspires us to develop a paint application that adds crucial dimension of depth and quality equivalent to those found only in an enduring oil painting.

Photo Artista is a painting tool that takes no time to master in order to create your own original work of art. Our efficient method in a simple interface requires a few easy steps: Start with a photo, choose a paint style, and then apply … let the application do the work. All that is required of you is the appreciation – we will take care of the rest.

This app applies the most sophisticated brush strokes, lighting and canvas texture to your images with the option to remove texturing when printing to canvas. Photo Artista is a professional artistic media that graphic artists, photographers, and hobbyists rely on for high quality end results.

Features include the fine-tuning of ...
Textured Oil, Brush Size, Stroke Variation, Color Shift, Color Tone, Canvas Texture, and Canvas Color.
Also includes ...
Artistic Edges, Lighting Effects, Presets, Full Resolution Output, and Email.
Two different art styles ...
Oil Impressionism
Supports Hi-Res Images

Visual Presets
Users also have the ability to create custom presets using the "Save" menu.

  MAC DEMO | WINDOWS DEMO [ Save is Limited ]

Artista Oil Includes Two Oil Styles


Oil Impressionism

Click thumbnails to view larger examples.

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