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    150 MB
    Windows Size 71 MB
    iPhone Size 44.3 MB
    iPad Size 52.4 MB

    Mac: OSX 10.6+ 64-Bit
    Windows: XP or later 32/64-bit
    iPhone: iOS 5.1+
    iPad: iOS 5.1+

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  • Artistal Haiku  |  NATURAL MEDIA

    Mac 2.53 Updated: 10/21/14
    Windows 2.52 Updated: 12/16/13
    iPhone 2.05 Updated: 10/5/13
    iPad 2.04 Updated: 9/22/13

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    This is what I have been waiting for. Thank you. This app has taken my photos into new worlds with endless creative options. This is the best app on my iPhone...period. I would give it 10 stars if possible. That we are able to have this level of beauty and creativity on a phone device for less than the price of a burger is incredible. I use tons of photo apps and process images using the best of each, but this app has just raised the bar and will inspire me to go even farther in terms of how I see the world.
    Bravo! ********** 10/10


    I didn't know what to expect as I do not have anything else from this developer, but was pleasantly surprised with what I got. Full res support is very important to me, the results are highly customizable, and I love the variety of "canvas" to choose from.

    Nice watercolor effect!

    I have all the Artista series and this is my favorite. It is exciting for me to achieve wet media effects and then fine tune them with the sliders. All of the Artista products are first rate and this is no exception.

    Love this app

    This app works perfectly--super easy to drag a photo in, and mess with it. Gorgeous effects--having so much fun. Worth every penny. Kids will love it too but I'm not telling them about it yet or they'll hog the computer!

    Would you love
    to paint, but can't?

    Then this app is for you. It makes your photos into works of art. I have two other apps that transform my photos into different art styles, but this" Ink and Watercolor" is unique and fun to play with. If you enjoy artistic photo editing, you will be pleased with this app.

    Great App !!!!

    Love this application does a great job with photos easy to use no editing required drag n drop perfect :)


    This app is awesome..I can't stop...

Artista Haiku
The Artistic App that is Visual Poetry.

Photo Artista - Visual Haiku!
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Artista Haiku is a compilation of whimsical stylistic watercolor "poetically" brushed to aged or artistic paper then outlined in india ink.

Artista Haiku will add spontaneity to your pictures. This creative media incorporates traditional watercolor techniques as well as the non-traditional such as digital photography, and vintage papers to create a unique painting filled with movement and meaning.

To capture the atmospheric mysteries in your scene try reducing the ink outline to the scantiest detail, and reducing the watercolor to dabs of accent, your painting will convey the essence of poetry in that scene whether weighty or substantial as in a building façade or an open body of water.

"As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight, and the subject matter has nothing to do with harmony of sound or of color." — James McNeill Whistler, 1878

Featuring Two Haiku Paint Styles ...


Using colors pulled directly from your photo, Artista Haiku intuitively blends watercolor shapes, india ink and artistically aged or stained paper for an exciting, refined result that's destined to be a focal point in any photo gallery.


A kaleidoscope of watery color and compelling patterns begs you to take a moment to admire artwork that pleases the eye and satisfies the soul. Artista Haiku's unique dabs of stylized paint helps draw the eye, delivering a feeling of drama, while its radiant array of textures brings movement for a fresh and lively creation.
Features include the fine-tuning of ...
Paint Area (Shadows, Midtones, Highlights), Wet Edges, Paint Variation, Ink Outline, and Ink Color.
Also includes ...
Artistic & Aged Papers, Borders, Presets, Full Resolution Output, and Email.
Supports Full-size Images
Visual Presets
Users also have the ability to create custom presets using the "Share" menu.

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