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  • Moku Hanga  |  ARTISTIC

    Mac 1.22 Updated: 10/21/14
    Windows 1.20 Updated: 8/14/13
    iPhone 1.21 Updated: 10/5/13
    Android 1.25 Released: 10/7/14
    iPad 1.20 Updated: 9/26/13

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    Whose Art? Weighty Question

    JixiPix keeps rolling out winners. This is a beautiful app, looks great on the new iPad. Like its stablemates it's easy to use and works well with both color and black & white photos. Huge selection of papers in colors and multiple textures.Don't you think Hokusai, Kasue, Yoshitoshi, Chikanobu, Hiroshito, etc., would be rolling over their graves/urns, anyway? Is this App a tribute or theft of someone else's creativity? No matter the answers - I really enjoy this app tremendously. Would love to see the following styles added – or, styles tweaked to include: Have a Chikanobu style for women and fabrics, Hokusai for waves & water, Kawase Hasui for his wonderful temples with figures carrying parasols' approaching, bridges… actually, you could do an entire app around each artist or school, for that matter. Utagawa, Osaka, Kitao, & so on. If you are going to do it in the first place, why not go all the way? You've already done a good job with this app, but in one way, you haven't gone far enough. Do them more justice. And, PLEASE DO NOT SACRIFICE QUALITY FOR SPEED. Don't heed those complaints, if it means a switch to low resolution images. I would rather wait for high-resolution processing, than have you shorten the time to save the work, if it means lower quality results. Thank you for reading.
    - by Ajumma Fan

    It just kicks

    JixiPix keeps rolling out winners. This is a beautiful app, looks great on the new iPad. Like its stablemates it's easy to use and works well with both color and black & white photos. Huge selection of papers in colors and multiple textures.

    WOW, too much fun to call art WORK!

    I bought the app yesterday first for the iPad. After a couple hours of terrific results I got on the computer to buy the app for the computer, too. I ran some (OK, over 100) photos through it, but also some of my other art from watercolor and paint programs and then back to this app. I am having a blast and getting some awesome results. I hate that I have to share this secret... but they deserve to sell some apps and I will keep making art without working.

    JixiPix has done
    it again...!

    Every time I think they have bested themselves, out they come with an even better app! Luv what it does to my photos, even the mediocre ones look great!! Thanks, JixiPix!!!

    Simply stunning

    I must admit it was kind of shocking how easy it was to create a lovely elegant work of art from a reasonably simple photograph. The very first piece I made was so good that I put it on my online gallery and I don't want to tell anyone how easy it was to make. It looks like I labored over it for weeks. I've bought a lot of apps for the iPad, but this is easily the best three dollars I have ever spent.

    JixiPix have created a classic!

    All of their apps are amazing. Use them all on a more than regular basis and have yet to have an image produced that I was not happy with. Get this and all of their other apps too, you won't be disappointed. Even though they can be a bit slow on my iPhone 3GS they still get a 5 star rating simply due to their amazing results. Keep it up JixiPix and I'll keep supporting you!!!

    Super results, easy & fun to use

    As a fan of clasic Japanese block prints this app was a have to have app. The results are spectacular. The adjustments provide real creativitly and the random feature is just plain fun.

Moku Hanga

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You've discovered the fascinating art of Moku Hanga, the Japanese method of wood-block printing. Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful women, and busy cityscapes can be transformed into this exotic art known for flowing hand-chiseled outlines and brushed on color.

The Moku Hanga app, Moku the Japanese word for “wood” while hanga is known as “print”, allows you to create an artistic wood-block print from any picture or snapshot — no need for time consuming carving — the artists from JixiPix do all the work for you! With the power to fully customize your Moku Hanga, you can create a masterpiece artistic enough be part of printmaking history!

Moku Hanga

Where to go next? Every image needs a little customization or some touch up here and there, this is all possible inside the Moku Hanga app. Sliders on the adjust tab allow changes to the saturation of your pigment, the strength of your image, and the smoothness of your colors.
Moku Hanga

The outlines in Moku Hanga are extremely eye catching, replicating a hand chiseled relief-art. Using sliders found on the adjust tab you can control the smoothness, width and strength of the chiseled outline to fit your composition.

Presets are also available to give your project a quick start. Choose from a range of bold chisled outlines, and bright to subtle color combinations. If the preset colors chosen for your work are not to your liking, there is the option to alter your palette colors. Once the desired color is achieved complete your artwork with an artistic edge or paper. In printmaking the final image does rely on the choice of paper; whether it is kozo fibers or rice paper — this will add an artistic quaility to your print and complete your Moku Hanga.

Moku Hanga...
  • Automatically create a work of art with the look of hand chiseled outlines and brushed
       on color, fully adjustable.
  • Use simple silders to adjust the outline width, strength and how smooth or fluid your    chiseled outline appears.
  • Customize the color in your artwork with saturation, strength and image color sliders.
  • Choose between two printing styles: "Multi-Color" or "Multi-Block".
  • The Multi-color style uses all the original colors in your photo. By adjusting the
       "Image Color" slider you can reduce or add colors to your artwork giving it a variety of
       printed-styles, from a full-color process to spot-color ones.
  • The Multi-block styles uses 5 blocks of color pulled from your orginal image then
       divides these colors across your artwork giving the look of spot-color printing process.
       The cool thing about this style is the ability to "Randomize Colors" throughout your    artwork and the ability to replace any or all of these colors, using the full-spectrum
       color picker. You can achieve simple to exaggerated color results with this process.
  • Works with Hi-Res images and saves Hi-Res for top-quality results
  • Get started fast with a variety of presets
  • Create personal-favorite presets using the "Save Preset" menu
  • Has the addictive JixiPix Randomizer – so much fun!
  • You can save to the photo roll and/or email or post to Facebook. Share your masterpieces!
  • Superior customer support and updates – we're committed to your long-term satisfaction
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    BUY Mac BUY Windows BUY Android BUY iPad BUY iPhone

    Moku Hanga

    It is said that James Whistler discovered Japanese wood-block prints in a Chinese tearoom near London Bridge, and that Claude Monet first came upon the style when wrapping paper used in a spice shop in Holland caught his eye. James Tissot and his friend Edgar Degas were among the earliest collectors of Japanese art in France and was influenced by this exotic art form in very different ways when they adopted the exaggerated colors, and outline contours into their own artistic styles.

    [ Click to View Larger Examples ]

    Artists Showcase by Pat Johann from Scrappin Artistry
    Click Thumbnails to View Larger Examples

    Click thumbnails to view larger Moku Hanga examples.

    Interface - iPad, iPhone & Android

    Each Moku Hanga style is fully customizable.

    [ Click Image to View Larger Example and Android]

    Interface: Mac & Windows

    [ Click Image to View Larger Example ]

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