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    Mac 50.8 MB
    Windows 58 MB
    iPhone 17.4 MB
    iPad 16.5 MB

    Mac: OSX 10.6+ 64-Bit
    Windows: XP or later 32/64-bit
    iPhone: iOS 5.1+
    iPad: iOS 5.1+

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  • Kyoobik Photo  |  PHOTOGRAPHY

    Mac 1.31 Updated: 10/21/14
    Windows 1.20 Updated: 8/14/13
    iPhone 1.23 Updated: 10/5/13
    iPad 1.22 Updated: 9/22/13

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    Jixipix Wins Again!

    Kyoobik Photo is a unique and super customizable photo 'transforming' app. The UI is unclutterd and very easy to understand, photos are rendered with new effecs/presets FAST, and the Randomizer button produces some super-cool new presets that I've saved and love. :D Geometry has never been so fun! Thank you, JixipPix!

    I love you guys :)

    Seriously this app rocks. I pretty much own all of the JixiPix apps. Grungetastic is my favorite, but this might turn out to be close second. I love being able to add or remove blocks. Great work, as always.

    Fun and Fantastic

    Wow is back. I purchased this at 7am this morning when I recieved an email from the maker of the app. I have other apps by JixiPix and registered to get info. By 7:15am I was totally loving the program and results. There are endless ways to alter images and I was thrilled to run some of the art I make using different apps on this new one. I saw it was also available for my Mac so i cranked it up and purchased it. An hour and a half later i was making killer art on both my iPad and Mac at the same time. I can't wait to make some prints! I already emailed results to friends. I love this app. It is fun and fantastic and works like a charm. Wait until you see what it can do to your photos and art!

    Way cool

    I have put off ever getting percolator because I don't want to pay $2+ for a one trick pony. When I saw this app I was downloading it immediately!! I love the versatility it offers over other similar apps! Jixipix FTW!

    Love it! :-)

    Just got this and I've spent a couple of hours lost in this app already! If you love editing pics, don't hesitate, buy Kyoobik now!


    jixipix simply doesnt do so-so apps. all their stuff is quality. if you like jazzing up your shots with amazing effects, you will love this app. i own hundreds of photo apps. been doing IOS photos since the first iphone. i sell my work. so trust me, this is a great effect app.

Kyoobik Photo

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The exploration into photo editing has led you to Kyoobik Photo (cubic), the photo app that turns your mundane photo into a geometric gridded image. Gridded image? Sounds straight to the point, but the amazing turns and slides you can take with this app will not only turn your photo into a custom work of art but also can take you back to the 1960's with its pop-art attitude.

When transforming your photo with this app you go beyond the columns and rows of a grid. The effect will immediately grid your image with a simple click. However, you can opt to take it to the next level and break out of four walls! Choose a framework for your image with spheres, triangles, or even hexagons. Everything can be controlled from here on out with a simple slider.

• This app works fast to create a gridded work of art that can be created and adjusted with simple sliders.
• You will be able to adjust the tile size, making them smaller or larger to fit a specific image.
• Adjust the border size and even the space between each geometric shape in your image.
• Add variation to the contrast between each tile.
• The tone and the color of your photo is up to you. The tint variation slider can add a hue to your photo to make it more monochromatic or choose a more earthy tone to make your photo have a more classic, retro look.
• Works with Hi-Res images and saves Hi-Res for top-quality results
• Gets you started fast with a variety of presets
• Creates personal-favorite custom presets using the "Save Preset" menu
• Has the addictive JixiPix Randomizer – so much fun!
• Superfast preview mode to immediately see edit results, with large image rendered at save
• You can save to the photo roll and/or email or post to Facebook. Share your masterpieces!
• Superior customer support and updates – we're committed to your long-term satisfaction

    MAC DEMO | WINDOWS DEMO [ Save is Limited ]

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Interface - iPad, iPhone & iTouch

Each NIR style is fully customizable.

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Interface: Mac & Windows

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