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    Mac 1.24 Updated: 10/21/14
    Windows 1.23 Updated: 8/14/13
    iPhone 1.03 Updated: 10/4/13
    iPad 1.02 Updated: 9/22/13

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    A Dreamer's Dream

    Every JixiPix (app developer) app is just Awesome. NO ONE creates photo apps like these guys! NIR is no exception to the rule: these guys rock! This app Salvador Dalí would approve of. Create awe-inspiring works of art straight out of your dreams with this application I have all but one of their apps. I'm going back for the last ASAP! :) (photo artista - Sketch) I'm not even big on photo sketch apps but with JixiPix apps they somehow make Everything awesome and interesting. I know for example that if you don't care for HDR camera apps that your new obsession would be "Simply HDR" by JixiPix. It's soo not the "ordinary". These guys do it "Extraordinary" still hitting the nail on the head! Live this app. Tons. I recommend it for every creative dreamer and/or iPhoneographer-in-general out there. I'm both. And I'm in love again Try their awesome apps "Rainy Daze" & "Photo Artista - Oils" & Dramatic B&W" & "Romantic Photo" & "Vintage Photo" (I think it's called Vintage Photo. It's awesome) and a personal favorite "Grungetastic". !!!' also see their new one "Snow Daze"

    Creativity At It

    Every so often an image altering app comes along that actually allows the user some creative input …. this is one. The presets are amazing and a lot of fun to go through watching how your image changes with each one, but you are also allowed to adjust sliders to create your own personal effects and even save them as presets, which just makes this app so much more creative...


    Love the colors and the effects and in true JixiPix fashion it's easy and fast. Well done-again!

    I really enjoy the photo apps!!!

    The random button is AWESOME!!!! keep up the notch work, much appreciated~Mateo

NIR Color

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Photography is the art of capturing light. Infrared photography, on the other hand, is the art of capturing invisible light. If your looking for something new and unique to add to your photography arsenal then you came to the right place NIR Color is truly beautiful, surreal and will transform ordinary landscapes into something magical and ethereal.

NIR Color uses "near infrared" light technology, along with infrared "color" filters to add violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red colors, and all their combinations back into your image. The combination creates stunning imagery with otherworldly and mysteriously atmospheres.

When using "NIR" everyday objects differ sharply from those of visible light. A blue sky can sometimes appear very dark, while foliage often turns light to create an amazing and chilling contrast. Not only will the contrast make your photo 'pop', it will also transform the original color to ones that are dreamy and surreal using our infrared "color" filters. The decision is in your hands to tone down the color to ones that are classy, clean, and contrasted. Or boost them to a dramatic color of your choosing taking your infrared photography to a completely different level. With NIR Color you can quickly see how incredibly beautiful the world can be in a different light.

NIR Color ...
  • Works best on colorful landscape images
  • "Near Infrared" technology turns blue-sky dark and foliage light to make your image 'pop'
  • Infrared "Color" filters add violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, and red colors,
       and all their combinations back into the image to create a dreamy and surreal appearance.
  • Works with Hi-Res images and saves Hi-Res for top-quality results
  • Gets you started fast with a variety of presets
  • Creates personal-favorite custom presets using the "Save Preset" menu
  • Has the addictive JixiPix Randomizer – so much fun!
  • Easy-to-use slider controls to adjust light, contrast and texture just how you want it
  • Superfast preview mode to immediately see edit results, with large image rendered at save
  • You can save to the photo roll and/or email or post to Facebook. Share your masterpieces!
  • Superior customer support and updates – we're committed to your long-term satisfaction
  •  MAC DEMO | WINDOWS DEMO [ Save is Limited ]

    Capture infrared light and color

    The world as seen using NIR Color is at once familiar and strange, using hues that are entirely different than those we actually see in reality. The eerie but seductive effects that NIR photographs bring to the table consist mostly of landscape shots, but on occasion portraits can be completely converted from what we recognize as normal into ones where skin tones turn pale and cold and eyes that go dark. This may lead you to shift gears from a normal pose into something that is wildly terrestrial. So give NIR Color a try and transcend your photo into a world where you and your viewer will be offered a chance to encounter a deeper connection to the story behind your photograph.

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    Interface - iPad, iPhone & iTouch

    Each NIR style is fully customizable.

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    Interface: Mac & Windows

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