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Hand Tint

Colorize a photo with brushed on tint, tone and color

Colorize your photo with tint and tone. Choose from an unlimited combination of effects to transform a full color photo into Black and White, Luminescent, or a Vintage style effects. Then quickly and easily restore the colors or paint on tints or hues.


Availability: Instant Download

Demo: Mac


Photo tinting adds soft, otherworldly colors to a photo, and can also lend an antique feel to even the most modern subjects. Brush on color to add a life-like blush to the cheeks of a child, or draw attention to a single element, like a flower or a sunset sky. Hand painting will take a photograph to a higher realm. The key is simplicity…light tinting of color will lend a nostalgic quality to your photography, scrapbook or craft project.

User Interface


An easy workflow with a professional layering system that allows you to choose tint, tone, color, soft paint or paint per area, and a powerful color selection to keep brushing inside isolated areas for fast colorization and accuracy. It is important to have fun while creating beautiful photo memories so a forgiving restore brush is there to wash away mistakes that may have occurred during the process. If you need to stop, not a problem! Use the save project feature and return to finish it when you are ready.

TINT Styles

  • Black and White—turns a photo into a classic black and white with options to adjust the RGB channels. A strength slider gradually blends the photo's original colors back in, if desired, for a variety of customized looks before the tinting process begins.
  • Luminescent—adds dreamy brightness combined with subtle texture—that you control, as you brush on color, tint or tone
  • Vintage—ages the photo with image toning and adds distressed paper for a beautiful and unique basis of your tinting project


  • 3 Photo effects—Black & White, Luminescent & Vintage
  • Pro layers with tint, tone, color, soft paint and paint modes
  • Smart color palette that imports original colors from the photo for a quick start to the tinting process. Use them as they are or replace them with new ones.
  • An original brush to brush original color back in, a tinting brush and a restore brush for quick touch-ups.
  • 58 Distressed paper for optional texture on Luminescent and Vintage photo effect
  • 36 One-touch settings

Every JixiPix Product Features

  • Support for high resolution images and output
  • Multiple undo
  • Randomize button
  • Quick previewing
  • Customizable settings
  • Superior customer service
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Customer Testimonials

OMG!! Incredible
I am so glad I took the plunge with no reviews. This app is flat out the best at adding color back into your photo. The 'other' black and white ones are a waste. You can paint on colors and use those to change the color of your photo, just paint on back my photo colors, or anything in between. Layers make the whole thing so fun to use!!! And the choices of styles can be changed even after I am completely done adding color into my image...that alone is just incredible.
Something that used to take me hours to do within Photoshop only takes a matter of minutes with this! This is a great applications!

Excellent tool for colorizing photos! This is a very nicely done set of tools optimized for hand tuning the color and appearance of photos. Defaults to starting with a black and white version of your photo and letting you put the original colors or custom colors back into the image using up to eight layers, But you can manipulate the color of the starting image, if it's a color photo, before you ever touch a brush. And you can add Vintage-type effects after you're done working with the color!

Very easy to add great subtle color effects to your photos with this app! I think "Wos! OMG!! Incredible!" from the reviews so far sums it up pretty well! Add my exclamation marks to the total!

The basics are really simple to figure out but once you do the power really starts to shine. No more sitting in a room hand tinting my old photos. Great job. Update makes this app better. Love full screen mode on Lion. Thank You!
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